About Council for Interpreter’s Quality and Competence

◆Who we are

Council for Interpreter’s Quality and Competence (CIQC) was established in October 2017 to play a role in Japan’s globalization and contribute to the revitalization of the Japanese economy by contributing to followings;

  • Research on interpretation
  • Standardizing the quality of interpretation
  • Development of the interpreting industry
  • Dissemination of accurate information about interpreting
  • Quality assessment of interpreters
  • Improvement of the status of interpreters

◆What we do

  1. Research the quality of interpreting, and operate to improve and standardize those quality
  2. Research to assess the quality of interpreters and interpreter agencies
  3. Operate to promote the improvement of the status and treatment of interpreters
  4. Organize seminars to disseminate accurate information on interpreting
  5. Operate to promote international mutual understanding through communication
  6. Organize seminars about training and education of interpreters
  7. Conduct testing for quality certification:Test of Universal Interpreting (TOUI)
  8. Compensation insurance scheme for interpreters
  9. Research and development projects related to next generation interpreting
  10. Interchange and cooperate with organizations in related fields

◆Council for Interpreter’s Quality and Competence

Name of Organization Council for Interpreter’s Quality and Competence: CIQC
Head of Board Kenichi YOSHIKAWA
Boards Yukiko FUJII



Audit Kazuki TAKETANI
Address Forecast Shinjuku South 4th Floor
4-3-17 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 160-0022 Japan
Contact TEL: 03-6273-1475(Business Hours:10am – 5pm Weekdays)

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Established October 13th, 2017

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